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Steam King
Poon Choi


Our original STEAMKING Poon Choi is available to order every New Year, Lunar New Year and Mid Autumn Festival. 


The STEAMKING  Poon Choi

is a rich, umami and hearty dish which includes the finest quality of abalone, shark fin, fish maw, prawn, dried mushroom, dried scallop, sea cucumber, squid, roast pork, oysters and more, all braised in the finest housemade abalone sauce.



The crowded placement and overflowing amount of these luxurious ingredients represent wealth, abundance and prosperity for the new year.

As we, STEAMKING specialise in premium seafood and is renowned for our traditional Cantonese cuisine, we are what this dish represents: a real, rich and authentic Taste of Canton; a luxury rare to come by. 

"One of the most luxurious Cantonese dish you can eat in AUSTRALIA. Dry scallops, soigné abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw. Perfect for Chinese New Year! "

- @bigsamyoung 


Rich in history, cultural significance and flavour, the STEAMKING Poon Choi is a must have for all New Year, Lunar New Year and Mid Autumn Festivities.

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